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2015 has not been my friend.

This is more in terms of an explanation rather than an excuse regarding my abysmal track record of updating this site.  I’m finally digging out from under the deluge of Real Life issues and complications which snowed me under for most of this year.  Hopefully, this means I’ll be much better in the future about keeping this place ongoing..  Fingers crossed.

I’ve finally managed to get a “storefront” set up at DriveThruRPG, but it’ll apparently take a few days for them to “approve” the first product I uploaded.  Until then, the storefront is sadly empty-looking.  I’ve also added a page to this website ( link-thing, in case you missed the new menu item at the top of the page) where I’ll post ALGERNON Files product specific info.  I started the ball rolling by posting the Grand and Terrible List, the master list of all the entries planned for future ALGERNON Files volumes (though not Juvenile Justice yet, as that’ll be a separate product).

I’m working on new fiction to start posting as the central updates, but as a holdover for people, here’s a piece of art Dionysia Jones did for me as her “audition piece” – namely to see how her style of work meshed with the TAF material.  It’s a full-body illo for Doc Steel done in her animation-style workings and I really like it.  What do you guys think?

Doc Steel - circa WWII

Doc Steel – circa WWII


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