The Continuing Joys of New Art Rolling In…

Work continues apace on the new Algernon Files material.  One of my favorite parts is the sheer FUN of working with Alex and seeing the new art he sends in.

Like this morning, when he sent several new pieces in.  A few samples:


150adonis_color 150apparitioncolor 150argus_color


Adonis ( a re-envisioning on an old character), Apparition, Argus


150blackbone_color 150bloodstar_color 150brimstone2_color


Blackbone (doesn’t that coloring job just sing?), new art for Bloodstar, new art for Abraxas (one of his many former aliases being “Brimstone”)


150brother_color 150carapace_color 150carelium_color


Brother Basilisk, new art for Carapace (and I think my favorite piece so far), and new art for Carnelian.


Lovin’ this project.