The Official Handbook of Blah, Blah, Blah…

Almost forgot, I do have a couple of pieces of news I can report – format and an additional product.

After a lot of discussion (and I do mean a lot), we’ve decided to go the route of individual volumes numbering between 12 to 20 entries each, depending on how the layout shakes out.  This makes the scheme manageable (I have about 230 entries planned out numbering over 400 characters all told), so that will keep things flowing over the next few years reliably at nice quarterly chunks in the slightly less than 50 pages each range.  Affordable, digestible, and a sane amount of work.  More discussion there once we have a finalized layout.

Also, we’re putting together a small product tentatively called Juvenile Injustice (JI) to coincide with the release from Green Ronin of a 3e version of Hero High.  JI will include three sections, covering

[1] How to run teen villains (written by the inestimable Jack Norris…go on, try to estimable him…I dare ya)

[2] The Winters Academy for the Exceptional Student (written by me with some additional student body provided by a few brave volunteers – more word later as stuff rolls in)


[3] The Seven Sins (a newbie team of villains who all recently graduated the Winters Academy together)

As usual, as I have news to throw at ya about any of this, I’ll run here and air all the dirty laundry.  You’re welcome.